Corporate Cab Tracking

Trakiga totally understands the value of time and safety, when it comes to corporates and business houses. Human Resource is an important aspect for corporates, so as their comfort & safety. Trakiga’s Corporate Cab Tracking solutions are designed to give you better control over cab management, ensuring safety & saving in time.

School Bus Tracking

Introducing state-of-the-art, integrated solutions for tracking and monitoring school buses, Trakiga’s School Bus Tracking solutions is a great stress buster for Schools and Parents. We know that Safety is the biggest concern when it comes to kids and school buses. Our solutions empower the stakeholders and make them truly connected to address safety concerns.

Fleet Management

Offering the most advanced, innovative, and economical options, Trakiga’s Fleet Management Solutions augments operational efficacies and enhances better control on your Fleets. Our user-friendly fleet solutions are made tailor tit to offer productivity and business excellence, keeping Safety, Accessibility, & Control as key pillars to rely on at all stages.
Explore Our Apps

Parent App

Trakiga’s Parent App is a fear remover and a no-brainer for parents. Unlike many other alternatives, we offer user-friendly and reliable application which keeps them tension free with real-time updates, offers accessibility features and helps them to communicate with others easily. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Trakiga’s Parent App can be easily installed on a smartphone. The parents can live peacefully and fearlessly with the features offered by Trakiga’s parent App.

Fleet Management App

Managing a large number of fleets and the human assets related to them is not an easy task. Trakiga addresses this need with the most advanced and user-friendly Fleet Management App, enabling you to have valuable insights about the movement of your vehicles and the manpower related with the help of GPS Tracking, Route Planning options, and Time Management support.

Driver App

Trakiga’s Drivers App empowers the drivers to complete their job with more efficiency and perfection. Offers key features such as trip management, route planning, real-time updates, communication with points, emergency alerts and support, etc. May the driver works for a school, a corporate, or a Fleet company, the Driver App acts as a guide and support system to do the assigned tasks properly and effortlessly.

School Admin App

Enabling School Administration to have the necessary control over the fleets they run, Trakiga’s School Admin App is a savior for the schools. From the planning stage to the execution of the trip plan, monitoring and controlling the entire vehicle fleet movement is now easily accessible by the School Administration with the seamless live integrated dashboard of this application.
Why Trakiga?
We are Trakiga, the country’s one of the largest Tracking Solutions Provider. Yes, with the biggest names comes to the biggest responsibilities and Trakiga totally understands this. This true mindset of accountability brings out the best from our team to offer preeminent solutions to the clients we deal with. Trakiga takes pride in owning the objectives of our clients while opting for our services and we ensure our solutions meet the expectations and beyond.


Trakiga offers what you
look for. Yes, offering
the most customizable
tracking solutions to fit
your requirements in
the finest possible way.
Our R&D team totally
understand the vitality
of variations and offers
tailor-made solutions.

Data Security

Having access to accurate
enables one to offer the
best to their clients.
Trakiga makes you ready
with the most refined
data to use the same for
business acumen. Our
solutions ensure real-
time and secured data

Integrated Solutions

Trakiga offers seamless
integration when it
comes to the business
solutions we offer. We
know the importance
when it comes to the
business goals of our
clients, and offers cross
combinations to bring in
the best results.

Take Control

With our bespoke tracking
solutions, Trakiga ensures
our clients are always in
control of what they look
for. With speed, safety and
ease of use, we facilitate
our clients with an option to
put in more energy and
time to tap their revenue
streams better.

Better Planning

Trakiga always believes
in the concept ’A better
the plan is a successful half-
done’. We implement
this to the solutions we
offer to our clients in
order to equip them
with better planning
opportunities and
thereby bringing in
operational excellence.


Engagement is the key to
customer’s mind and our
tracking solutions are
made to offer this to our
clients. May it be parents,
students, clients, or
staffs, our solutions
enables you to have
better and reliable
engagement with the
respective stakeholders.


Trakiga’s GPS solutions
and tracking applications
are the best in its class.
This ensures that our
clients can rely on what
we offer and stay calm
about the results in it
delivers. Reliability and
Safety is the key USPs
our solutions boast


Trakiga is there for you. By
saying this, we mean it.
Offering the best customer
support on the solutions
we offer to our clients,
Trakiga ensures that you
feel hassle-free from the
the very first stage of
activation and throughout
the usage period.

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