Corporate Cab Tracking

Time is one of the most important aspects a corporate should look at the journey towards success. Having said that, Safety is another element that comes to the picture in terms of Human Resources Management in a corporate or a business house. Offering Cab Services is quite normal these days by most of the companies and having the same facility outsourced puts safety in compromise.

What We Offer:

Trakiga offers the most advanced tracking solutions for corporates to have control over the cabs they use. Our Corporate Cab Tracking Solutions are the best fit for corporate houses as well as the outsourcing companies offering cab services.

Improves Productivity

Our Tracking Solutions helps in improving the productivity of your employees by having control over the time they travel. Helps a corporate to take advantage of time management.

Ensures Safety

Safety is always a concern for corporates staff while traveling. Our tracking solutions ensures that the alert is always on and gives that surety on the safety of the traveler.

Enhances Goodwill

Better the safety to employees, better the goodwill of the company in the job market. Trakiga offers the most modern tracking solutions to ensure your corporate goodwill.

Cost Efficiency

Better planning with Trakiga’s solutions help the corporate as well as the fleet owners to save time and fuel cost and thereby to improve the earnings-related.

Time Management

Managing time becomes easier for the HR Department with Trakiga’s Corporate Cab Tracking solutions, with the real-time update and control over staff movement.

Operational Efficiency

Ensures the efficiency is increased when it comes to the operation of the cabs by having the routes planned, time saved, and alerts customized.

Data Analytics

Offers the needy reports related to corporate cab movements including, routes, time slots, fuel usage, idle time, speeding and behavioral changes, and many more.

Driver Management

Easily manage your team of drivers with real-time access to location, routes, idle time, behavior changes, etc. with the help of Trakiga’s corporate cab tracking solutions.

Data Security

Security of the staff data is important and Trakiga ensures the data transfers related to the cabs and the staffs are done in the safest encrypted form.