Fleet Management

Operational efficiency and cost saving plays major roles in taking a Fleet business to next level. It can be of any scale, small, medium or big, an intelligent fleet management solution can definitely help the fleet owner a lot in achieving the business objectives. Opting a technically advanced Fleet Management solution would save money on a long run, wherein equipment efficiency and productivity are increased day by day.

What We Offer:

Offering a platform which has multifunctional capabilities, Trakiga ensures that the solution we offer helps the fleet owner to have full control on the fleets from a single and easy to use dashboard. Connecting the fleet owner or admin, the drivers and the employees, our solutions redefine the way fleet industry is looked at.

Operations Management

Manage your fleets with that
easiness as like never before.
Ensuring efficiency levels and
minimum effort, Trakiga makes it
effortless to plan, monitor and
executes the fleet operations.

Staff Management

Ensures the productivity levels of
your fleet staffs are always high
with better control and support.
Helps in keeping a track of the daily
activities of your fleet including the
movement and idle time.

Manage Assets

Take control of your running cost
and the maintenance cost with the
help of Trakiga’s Fleet Management
Solutions. Our applications are
robust enough to monitor health of
your fleets and to update regularly.

Security & Safety

Our solutions are designed keeping
security & safety in mind. With SOS
alerts, various reports, employee
safety measures the fleet owner
can be least bothered about the
security of the fleets and staffs.

Cost Optimization

Fuel and maintenance cost can be
put in control with our state of the
art fleet management solutions.
Allocation and route planning
becomes so easy with Trakiga’s
technical expertise.

Data Accuracy

Trakiga’s Fleet Management solutions helps you to take informed decisions with the
accuracy of information and reports generated on your fleet’s operations, as and when required.

Real Time Tracking

Control your fleet and the staffs in
real time with the best fleet
management solutions from
Trakiga. With activity alerts and
notifications, the fleet admin is
always updated about the fleets on
the move.

Customer Delight

May it be in service or commercial delivery sector, your fleets are always on time, safe and meets the expectations from the customers and thereby delight them with the help of advanced fleet solutions from Trakiga.

Business Growth

With the operational efficiency and cost factors in control, Trakiga’s fleet solutions ensures you stay effortless and get enough time to prepare in advance for your fleet business growth.