Parent App

Love & Safety are the 2 major parameters a parent would never compromise when it comes to their kids. We at Trakiga, totally connect to these aspects and this has become our basic benchmark while creating a Parent Application.
Yes, Trakiga’s Parent App can do much more than expected and with this, the parents can stay fearless. Presenting Trakiga’s one-stop solution for Parents to be updated about the movements of their Kids, their school-related activities, holidays, and their performance.
With Trakiga’s Parent App compatible with Android & iOS devices, now you also can be a smart and peaceful parent.

How Parent App benefits you?

Efficient Time Management

Get rid of that daily hurry burry mode with better time management. You can be well prepared knowing the movement of your kid’s school bus in real-time and plan time accordingly.

Information Loaded

Be ready to be informed about your kid’s school-related activities, their holidays & leaves, on time, with the help of the information loaded in Trakiga’s Parent App on a real-time basis.

Better Control

Have better control of your kid’s school life to grow them better. Trakiga’s Parent App equips you to keep updated about their school performance, attendance, online fee management, and class timetables and routines.

Real-time Updates

That old-time hectic stories of bus stop pickup & drop, morning rushes are over with Trakiga’s Parent App. Helps you to know real-time bus location and time schedule & route, reminds you on arrival, and helps to reassign stops easily.

Two Way Communication

Our integrated Parent App with real-time notification feature also helps you to communicate two ways – may it be with the teachers, school admin, or with the school bus drivers to make your parental life easier.

Handy Reports

Have the evidence, do your analysis, and make informed decisions on your kids and their school-related activities with the daily updated reports from Trakiga’s Parent App.