Driver App

Are you a fleet or a school bus driver? If Yes, then Trakiga’s Driver App is a must have solution for you to ensure the duties are getting done with at most productive way.

Presenting a lifesaving all in one App for drivers, Trakiga’s team behind has put all the best possible options to make a driver’s life easier. May it be from planning, execution, communication or to analysis, our easy to use dashboard enabled Driver App comes as a game changer.

Key benefits of Trakiga’s Driver App

Route Planning Made Easier

Yes, with Trakiga’s driver’s App, now you are the in charge to plan your routes. Effortless navigation enables you to choose shortest routes, manage traffic and to plan options to meet trip contingencies.

Rider Boarding & Pickup Management

Know your riders and their pickup and drop locations in advance to manage your routes efficiency and thereby to increase your productivity and dependability of riders.

Live Tracking

Get your fleet tracked lively by the respective stakeholders such as school admin, fleet owner or parents to save time on communication levels. Stay worry less about remembering the routes, with the help of inbuilt GPS tracking.


Get accurate results on your performance with the help of customizable attendance system for the riders and the reports related to all the trips and the routes completed on a daily basis.

Alert System

The Driver App alert you in case of any contingencies ahead and enables you to alert the respective stakeholder on time about any changes in the travel plan.

Communications & Notifications

Helps you in sending real time notifications about the pickup, drop and attendance of the riders. Also helps you to communicate easily on delay updates, route changes, emergency support with the Fleet or School Admin and Parents.