School Admin App

Manage your school buses and student’s activities in real-time like never before with Trakiga’s School Admin App. Presenting the most technically advanced and easy-to-use application for schools to take care of their students on a day-to-day basis.

Designed to ensure the operational efficiency of school Admin or Mangers are increased with better coordination and control over school buses and their movements. Safety of students kept on top priority, Trakiga’s team behind this App has ensured that the schools get cost and operational advantage in line with the security and related communications with respective stakeholders.

Key benefits of School Admin App

Trip Monitoring

Get rid of the hassle of manual monitoring of your school trips, as our School Admin App manages it effortlessly. Empowering Schools to manage multiple trips parallel with real-time updates on the movements of the fleets.

Vehicle Management

Making the life of a School Admin or Manager easy by helping to manage the vehicle inventory with less hassle. Also keeps a record of the maintenance schedule for each vehicles to save cost in AMCs and breakdowns.

Attendance Recording

The School Admin can make use of RFID technology to take care of the attendance part of the students using school buses at the time of boarding the bus and de-boarding on respective stations or stops.

Customized Reports

Get reports including the historical data related to the routes taken, students boarded and de-boarded, driver-related reports, alerts generated, and much more, as and when required by the School Admin.

Notifications & Alerts

The School Admin App can be designed to send notifications on each activity related to a trip and well as can share alert messages including SOS and panic alerts related to any safety breaches, contingencies, no traceable vehicles, or emergency situations.

Transparency & Efficiency

With the help of our School Admin App, Schools can bring transparency in their operations, by achieving better operational efficacies. This will also impact the goodwill of the school in the mindset of parents, students and the statutory authorities controlling the educational system.