School Bus Tracking

Safety is the major concern for parents when it comes to school going kids, so as to the schools. A properly managed school with a key priority given for safety as an aspect, would always eradicates worry from parent’s mindsets. This would eventually become a Unique Selling Proposition for a school brand. Having an investment made on a proper School Bus Tracking Solution is one of the key steps a school should adopt, in the journey towards safety.

What We Offer:

Trakiga as a brand and the team working behind totally understands this precedence. This facilitates us to come up with the best of the possible School Bus Tracking Solutions which would definitely be a game changer for any
school which intends to take the next leap towards safety. This includes harmonization of Applications like Parent App, Driver App & School Admin App.

Real Time Updates

Trakiga’s Tracking Apps enables the user to stay updated in real time about the movement of the school bus and thereby to plan the actions in the best possible way.

GPS Tracking

Integrating RFID & GPS
technologies, Trakiga ensures the
tracking of the school buses and
thereby the kids travelling in that
happens the desired way.

Student Safety

Monitors the school buses carrying
students in real-time and
administer the movement
seamlessly from different points to
ensure the safety of school buses
and students.

Analytics & Reports

Get accurate reports as and when
required, combining all the aspects
related to bus movements helps
schools and parents to be ready
with accurate data when in need.


Compatible with Desktops and Smartphones as Web applications and mobile applications, nevertheless to say that our apps are compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

Secured Data

Offers data backup, migration and
restore options. Trakiga ensures
that the student safety is not
compromised with encrypted
transfer of data to School
Administration and Parents.

Cost Efficiency

Better planning and execution with the help of our tracking solutions, Schools can have operational and cost efficiencies with reduced time and manpower efforts.

Manpower Management

Easily manage drivers and the fleets they take care of, with our Tracking Solutions. Helps in enhancing the quality of manpower operations related to the school buses.

User Friendly Dashboard

Easy to Use – is a key feature we
incorporate in the solutions we
offer. Trakiga believes, even a
highly efficient solution can have a
lesser complicated interface to
work with.